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Some common questions and remarks about 'Testament to a New Dawn'


"Wow! It's a huge book!" -


Yes, volume three, the largest, has over 800 pages.


"It reads like a Bible." -


Yes, it does rather. The Bible is also a book that was written mainly by prophets, they too had their information from thought transference via 'Angels', Avatars, or the word of 'God'. There's no getting away from it, Michael is a modern day prophet, as are many other people around the world who have the gift of 'channelling'.

"How come these beings from all around the universe speak English?" -


Well, they don't, their communications are placed as thought into Michaels mind. Thought is a universal way of communication and thoughts can travel in an instant over any distance. This is something that has been scientifically demonstrated using experiments on plants and individual atoms that have been separated from each other. What you do to one atom, the other will react in the same way, even if half a world away.


"So, if they don't use words, mistakes can surely be made?" -


That is true, it is possible that some details can be lost in transmission so to speak, a name or a date might not come through totally accurately and the beings can only use the vocabulary that is familiar to Michael, hence on occasions when beings such as North American Indians try to bring through words in their language, it is not easy for him to relay them accurately.


"It is not easy reading" -


You are right! Neither is the Bible an easy book to read and understand immediately. You may find that reading it in small doses, reading slowly or even out loud will really bring the meaning of the words into your heart. It is not a book that can be 'skim read'. It took over a year to put the messages together, so it will certainly take time to read thoroughly. We are not novelists, so practice in production and editing makes each volume a little better, we hope that you will find Volume Three much easier to read than the first book.

"Do you honestly think it is worth reading, will it really teach me anything?" -


YES! That is the short answer. You might think we say that just to sell books, this is not the case, it has not been produced as a money-making venture, but as a lasting reference document. It may become more important as life becomes more challenging for humanity.


"What is the main theme of the book?" -


The short answer is love. There is a universal law that we as humans have the collective gift of free will. No outside influence can take away our free will even if it means we destroy ourselves in the mean time. The only thing we are not allowed to do is to destroy our planet. That is why all these messages are given to us, to point out what we are doing, to advise us what we can do in order to prevent catastrophe. We are watched over by benevolent beings just as a loving and wise parent watches their child. We let our own children have the odd tumble and make some mistakes so they can find out for themselves and learn. Ultimately our children's personalities kick in and sometimes they stop listening to their parents so they make more and more mistakes. The human race is collectively just like those children in the eyes of these wise beings. As we career headlong into self-destruction, having proved that we are not able to manage our planet in a sustainable way, these beings are desperately trying to guide us, not rule us. If we don't listen, they will have no alternative but to intervene with our lives to prevent us from destroying our planet and they urge us to accept that help should the time come during our life time.


"Are you sure it is not all made up?" -


100% sure! Michael would inform you himself that he is not well-read. He has struggled to come to terms with some of the messages as well, they did not match his own belief system. Having seen Michael in trance, it is not something he could 'act' or 'make-up'. The language used is not his and neither are the mannerisms or differing tones of voice that he speaks with. Many hours each week are spent on producing the messages in written form without any financial reward, the book has been funded by Michael alone. So he has no reason to fabricate any of it.

"Can I hear the messages?"


Recordings from August 2016 are now kept. They are not professional and back ground sounds such as traffic, his dogs barking etc are all there as well. However, on application we are willing to email a recording of your choice if it will help you. Just supply the date of the transcript that you wish to hear. They can be played on 'Windows Media Player'.

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