Volume Two

Coming Soon

Testament to a New Dawn
Volume One

A unique collection of manuscripts from Beings of Light.


"Open your hearts and minds to the endless possibilities that exist between heaven and earth. We communicate our words to you with love and an expression of goodwill."


This volume is the first in a continuation of teachings from places and dimensions far beyond our human understanding. Including a wealth of information describing our Earth, from the dawn of time to the birth of the of first civilisations then on to our present existence and our potential future. An outcome that lies within our own hands.


"Look beyond the words to the meanings they bring, for like ice it is easy to slide over the top, not so easy to see what lies beneath."


We are not facing an uncertain future alone, loving companions from the world of spirit and dimensions beyond our own offer guidance and advice.

Volume Two

Awaiting Publication

For any enquiries, please contact Michael Champion:

07483 880982

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